Born and raised in Robstown, Tx, J.R. is south Texas' newest honky tonker, playin' country with a kick, if you love music that gets you movin', you're gonna love this SH*T!

From a young age, music was the dream. After quickly developing a paralyzing stage fright, J.R. told himself he wasn't cut out for the spotlight. Fast forward about 25 years and being a father has changed some things. In an effort to be an example to his daughter who's developed the same fear, J.R. has put his reservations aside and faced his fears, opening a door that was so long waiting to be opened.

Now off and running, J.R. Cole & the Banned have released multiple singles and perform all around Texas, rockin' the smallest to biggest of stages, headlining shows and opening for grammy award winning artists. Stick around for the ride, it's gonna be a wild one!

Meet J.R.

J.R. comes from humble beginnings, born and raised in Robstown, Texas, a small town just outside of Corpus Christi. Hispanic roots lended itself to weekends full of parties and "bailes." During this time he grew to learn about his love for music, and the dream of chasin' it.

Influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Alan Jackson, his eccentric taste can be heard through his music and live performances where he and "the Banned" can be seen playin' country with a kick!

J.R. has been part of the law enforcement community for over 10 years and prides himself on bleeding blue. He hopes to one day be in a position where he can give back to his brothers and sisters in blue that he's fought next to for a third of his life.

As for music, the real push for J.R. to enter the country music scene rested on fateful moments with his daughter. He quickly noticed her love for music at a young age, and faster noticed her knack for carrying a tune and nailing notes, though her stage fright was crippling. In those moments, J.R. decided the fear he once had would not hold his child back, propelling him into writing and recording these songs!

And in his own words, "So, here we are, in an attempt to face my own fears and set the example for those after me, I write these songs and play these tunes. And if I can one day help someone else or inspire someone to chase what's theirs, I've lived. After all, what example would I leave for those I someday leave behind if I don’t attack life the same way I’d expect them to."

- Much love, J.R. -

These Guys Kick Ass

"It's country with a kick!"

We Couldn't Stop Movin'

"Amazing show, non stop bangers!"



- From left to right -

Adam Stern - Lead Electric Guitar

Jody Jennings - Bass / Background Vocals

J.R. Cole - Lead Vocals / Guitar

John Garcia - Drums

Jose "Cheyo" Jaramillo - Acoustic Guitar / Background Vocals


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